2016 is on! And like every other year, we already spotted new names in the industry, grabbed new chances that came along the way and learned about some interesting new trends. These new features give direction in creating new marketing and PR strategies. Trends trigger audiences to explore ‘off the beaten track’ and try something new, just like the early adaptors already did before them.


Especially in the travel industry we see a lot of trends popping up every year. Inspiring new ways of spending your holidays and checking your bucket list. Flashy terms and mouthwatering pictures keep people going and looking for more ‘of the beaten track ideas’. But isn’t it the experience itself that keep us dreaming about that one romantic evening at that Tuscan terrace? Or that early morning sunrise on a safari in South Africa? The way we look at traveling changes, we agree. Every year. But even more than that, we believe in one thing as the real deal of an unforgettable vacation: the experience! It is the people, the place, the feeling and the scenery that warm our heart while traveling. No originally named trend can beat that.