Every professional has its own expertise, his or her own personal network and vision of where to go and what to achieve. On the contrary ‘full service agencies’ keep on showing us that all of these expertise can be easily combined and concentrated in one big office. Social media? PR? Marketing campaigns? Creative design? Digital innovations? Content creation, public affairs, TV productions and event registration? “Yes, we can do it all”. We do not believe in this way of working. Actually, practice what you preach is more our ‘thing’.

But how offering a year round and 360 degrees package then? This is where our team of experts comes is. Experts that know what they are doing and have the right contacts, focus and strategic approach. For every case, project or client we work for, we work together with another team of experts that fit the challenge. We keep each other motivated, learn from one another and all do what we do best: our job.

Not only are we joining forces with professional experts, we also work together with local experts: the people in the field are our eyes and ears. They know their destination by heart, have local connections and experience their environment every day and in real life. This is something we cannot achieve from behind our desks. Especially when working in the experience industry like we do, feeling, tasting and living the ‘experience itself’ is very important. That is why our expert partners are as important as our own people at Check-in PR. The ‘expert state of mind’.