Hordes of tourists are dropped out of busses at the Heineken Experience, Museum Square and near the Bijenkorf. From my chill spot in the park I watch people struggle with their maps and backpacks. Although I would like to believe I don’t look like a stereotype tourist while being somewhere else, this could be me this summer. Traveling to foreign countries and visiting cultural highlights in different cities. But than again no. I will stay in Amsterdam this summer and will be an explorer of my own city. Because holiday vibes are just around the corner…

On my summer day off I will walk through the cosy streets of my city, enjoy the morning sun with a latte macchiato on one of my favourite terraces, take my bike for a small ride to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and finally settle down in a park with my friends, mini barbecue, a bottle of delicious wine and a guitar (now I only have to find someone who plays it for me).

The evening sun is warm, the smell of roasted beef and vegetables is hanging in the air. My fellow inhabitants look happy (so am I), and are having fun while playing tennis, football or just chitchatting with their friends and lovers.

A perfect summer experience…., just here in Amsterdam.