As a PR-consultancy we are also advising in how to brand your company via social media and other communication tools. It is so important to have a consistent appearal to build a strong, well-known and reliable brand. But, what many people do not realize, is that having a likely personal brand is at least so important. Personal Branding, that sounds really ‘USA’ and ‘fancy’ doesn’t it? Yes, it does. But it can work for you too!

Have you ever thought about the image you are creating of yourself? What do people think of you when you leave the room and what do you want them to think of you? By reflecting on your behaviour, your style and the message you are communicating, you can control the image that people have of you. Having a strong brand will help you reach your goals, stepping out of your comfort zone and build your self-confidence. In addition it will be of added value to the brand image of the company you work for. So think about your message, your vision and your style. These are the basics of your Personal Brand.
Last but not least: remember to admire someone else’s beauty and qualities without questioning yours.