But I said no, no, no…. I’m pretending that I have no addictions. I can drink beers or wines, but I’m no alcoholic, I don’t smoke, I can live without snacks like chocolate, I don’t freak out when I miss an episode of my favourite serie on TV (#Netflix) and so on.. But somewhere I know I have one non deniable addiction: my phone! I wake up with it, I take it to work, I look him in the eye while making a selfie, I’ll take him to bed with me.. It’s a miracle I don’t kiss him goodnight yet.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who practically grown together with his or her phone. I see them everywhere. In the train, while cycling through Amsterdam, but also during dining in a restaurant. I even caught someone in the ladiesroom in my previous office, watching GTST on the toilet (that tune of the intro is so familiar, can’t mistake on that one!).

I love my phone (yes I’m so glad I met him), but I also think we should spend some time apart. I don’t want to break out in a sweat when I can’t search for an address on Google Maps (I could ask?), and I don’t want to get distracted by incoming messages so easily when having dinner with my friends: they are there, so why bother?

Social media are the best tools invented, after the wheel (and the internet ofcourse). It helps us market our selves (personal branding!), our brands (like Check-in PR and the brands of our clients) and gives us the opportunity to stay in touch with many old friends and aquaintances. But although virtual reality experiences are popping out of the ground and new tools are developped to dive into a non existing world (questionable I know), I think the real thing is still about experiencing adventures in real life.

Let’s conclude with formulating some goals for the upcoming weeks:

  • Only make videos and pictures if ever worth looking at them again
  • Phones could use some rest too, so switch it off at night
  • Sharing is caring, so look around and share a smile

Are you with me? 🙂