Last week I read an article in the newspaper Metro about the youth and their ideas about traveling. I must say I was shocked. Not about the fact that younger people think creating experiences while traveling is more important than having an own car or house, but because of the fact that they attach equal value to the amount of ‘likes’ on their holiday pictures, as on their own ‘travel experience’. These were the results of a research among millennials born in between 1981 and 2000.

Fact is, that I belong to the millennial generation as I was born in 1988. However, I don’t recognize myself in the results concerning the ‘social travel experience’. Ofcourse I also share some of my holiday pictures on social media, mostly Instagram, but I don’t want to believe that the likes on those pictures influence my travel experience at all. For me, traveling is about escaping the daily grind. Step into another world, time for some self reflection and enjoying the moment. Sharing that moment with the world wide web is from subsequent care. #enjoy



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