That we Dutchies love to camp may be crystal clear. The traffic gems towards the South are a well known phenomenon during the summer holidays. Children playing games at the backseats of the cars, extensive picknicks near the rest stations and a whole lot of ‘yellow’ number plates attached to enormous caravans. I had such a laugh when my friend from Paris asked me if we, Dutch citizens, got those big white houses on wheels from the goverment.. It seems like every Dutch car that hits the route du soleil through France, is dragging a luxurious villa with it.

I don’t like driving around with a caravan (ok, I also don’t have my permit to do so), but I get why people like to have their own little home, on their destination. Most of the time, my little ‘home’ on holidays, is my bag as I am dragging around with nothing more than a backpack. Sometimes I even build my own little tent in a hostelroom (tie up some towels on the upper bunkbed, and you have your own private space on the lowest bed!).

Anyhow, no caravan trip for me, but the new trend of going on a holiday with a campervan appeals to my imagination! NOS reported about an increasing number in sales of new campers, an expension of 14 % (!) compared with the same period of time last year. A new camper costs around € 80.000,- so it is the elder generation that is throwing the cash to go on adventure. Among the younger generation, going on holiday with a camper becomes more and more popular as well. They will rent one for their roadtrip experience.

Most new campers are equiped with the newest technology: tv’s, airco, kitchen equipment and so on. My idea of going on a camper holiday differs a bit from those who live the experience above. I keep on dreaming about a trip in a VW bus:

? Mini fridge

? Sleeping-bag

? Surfboard

And go!