It is September.. The end of the summer holidays (appearantly not of the summer weather!). Schools did start again and the pile of files on your desk won’t dissappear by itself. Real life is calling again! But hang on, the citytrip season is declared ‘open’ now..

September and October are the perfect months to discover a city. The weather is still good and everyone is enjoying ‘life back in the city’ again. Citytripping is getting more and more popular. Flights are cheap, a place to stay is easy to find and the extra savings will be well spent easily. Did you know that 5,8 million Dutch people will go on a citytrip in 2020, according to the prognosis of NBTC-NIPO?

So let’s make some plans! Paris, Rome, Brussels, Berlin, London, Vienna and so on.. Just to be the crowd ahead I already went on my two citytrips: Paris & London. Five tips that I want to share with you, before you travel to the airport:


  1. Traveling by plane? Book your connecting transport to the city in advance and online. Often your ticket will be cheaper and this way you avoid standing in line too. Oh and make sure you don’t mess up the hours when there is a time difference, like I did during my trip to London 😉
  2. Only take handluggage with you. Avoid overpacking and spending time at the luggage belt. Time is money! And you’d rather have a drink at that fancy restaurant instead, won’t you?
  3. One pair of shoes on your feet and one pair of shoes in your suitcase (= 2 pairs of comfortable shoes!). Discovering a city means a lot of steps and high chance to get blisters. Pack those comfy sneakers, a lot of plasters, take your Fitbit and nothing can’t stop you anymore!
  4. Make a plan! Ok, you don’t need a plan written all out to enjoy your citytrip in the best way. The things that happen spontanously, are often the ones you’ll remember best. But still it is a good idea to decide on some ‘places’ you want to visit in advance. I booked my trip to the catacombes of Paris before arrival. That saved me 2 hours of standing in line!! (The reason why I skipped a visit the last time I was there)
  5. Last tip: make a movie in addition to your holiday pictures. Everyone can do it. Make nice shots with your smartphone (horizontal) and edit them into an impression movie of your stay when you’re back home. So much fun to have! 😀

Enjoy the preparations!