Storytelling, something we do every single day. In our personal lives, but also at work. You want to share your thoughts with your friends, want to convince your clients to make use of your products and services and you want to communicate in such a way that people will like you. You’re building your (personal) brand by giving something ‘away’ of you (and not only the dry facts).


Telling stories is getting more and more popular, also in the marketing field. Companies are creating stories to commit their audiences to their brands. They even let you, as a consumer, participate in creating that story, so called user generated content. Think Coca Cola “create your own happiness” and GoPro Hero with “be a Hero”. But what makes a good story? And how can you use your own story to communicate your message? Eline and I visited a workshop about Storytelling in Amsterdam last week, and we got back with a rattling mind and many new ideas for new stories for our clients. After all, we are the ‘storytellers’ and experience creators of Check-in PR 😉


What we learned, actually already knew, is that it all starts with your own personal story. What makes it that you are you and that you are here and do what you do? Elsemiek Meijs, Story Coach, taught us everything about the power of personal storytelling and the famous ‘heroe’s journey’. Important ingredients for a good story are the ‘call for adventure’, the so called ‘’dagger’ and the ‘turnaround’, which you will recognize in every Hollywood film. Have you ever thought about your ‘call for adventure’ in your personal as well as in your professional life? What situation caused a change?


I think that companies can be ‘the call for adventure’ by showing the stories that a consumer can experience, like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland triggered Alice to not marry red head prince charming but run away to a special land. Call out for adventure, ask people to share their own stories that connect to your product/services and give a bit of your own personal story away as well (like Steve Jobs did with his speach about connecting the dots’). It makes you and your business ‘human’, and that is what consumers are looking for nowadays.


So, once upon a lifetime there was…. 🙂