The leaves are falling down, days are getting shorter… Almost winter! Okay, it will take a couple of months before Jack Frost will visit us again, but we at Check-in are already in the mood: powder slopes, dog sledding, snow shoeing and drinking hot chocolate at the fire place. Yes, we have to admit that we are really looking forward to those cold feet and red noses days. And we are sure that there are more people alike, people who can’t wait to leave summer behind and enjoy the cosiness of winter. And ….for all those winter fans out there, we have a surprise: the brand new WINTER Magazine.


WINTER is a new kid in magazine town. An edition full of winter travel inspiration: from mountain huts in Austria to wolf safaris in Canada and Northern Light experiences in Northern Norway. Traveling to winter destinations is so much more than skiing and boarding alone. We are true wintersport fans but know from experience that winter traveling is not only about hitting the slopes. For us it is about adventure, friends/family time, cosy villages, traditional dishes and lots of snow. It is all about experience! And that is what WINTER is going to share with its readers.


Another reason why we are making this magazine, is that we truly believe in strong content and real stories. As PR professionals we are telling the stories of our clients all day every day, but it is much stronger to collect the stories of other people that experienced a destination, a hotel or outdoor activity as well. Those people can be journalists that went on a media trip, tourists who traveled around the world or… the locals. In the end they are the real experts and know their homes by heart.


For this very cool and special project we closely work together with dORIZON Media, publisher of Meridian Travel magazine. They are experts when it comes to making inspiring magazines and will take care of the distribution and lay out etc. We are thankful that we can work with experts like them.


Enjoy WINTER and please let us know what you think!
The magazine will be out there from December 2016.


Ps. Looking for a new and inspiring way to promote your winter product / destination? Contact us for advertisement rates and details 🙂