‘Sharing is caring’, a term that pops up everywhere, but makes me giggle at the same time. I shared my opinion about this in a previous blog, I am not a huge fan of popular terms and trendy words. Just saying what you mean by using simple and understandable explanations is more my ‘cup of tea’. Nevertheless, the essence of ‘sharing is caring’ is actually my ‘way of life’…

Nothing makes me as happy as sharing thoughts, special moments and knowledge with other people. With my friends and family but also with total strangers standing in line at the local supermarket or tourists trying to find their way around in my home town. It makes me happy to help and my smile even bigger than the ones they show resulting from my ‘share’. This week, I noticed that sharing ‘business wise’ is as satisfying as sharing in my daily life. It expands my horizon and inspires me to think and act in different ways. Ways that I would never find on my own.


You may have heard about it ;-), together with Harald Kolkman of dORIZON Media we are launching a new travel magazine WINTER, something we never did before at Check-in but leads us of the beaten track. We learn from the real expert how to set up a advertising strategy, collect strong content and write articles. In addition, this week we scheduled our first expert workshop with one of the partners from our expert team: Dokter Klik. These online gurus will share their tips & tricks of online marketing with us, in return we show them around in our world of content PR. During one of our blogger meetings earlier this week, we brainstormed together with Roëll of WeAreTravellers.nl about possible co-creations, about our bucket list destinations and about giving up the ‘safe choices in life’ and running your own company. All very inspiring people, following their own path, heading to achieve their own goals. If we all share the surprises, highlights and struggles we come across along the way, we really can join forces and achieve even more than our own goals only. ‘Sharing is caring’, so true.