Offline is the new luxury I heard, and I have to agree with that. I sometimes can miss all those distracting pop-ups which appear on all of my screens (phone, tablet, PC) like toothache (a Dutch expression)! But is it still possible to live a life ‘offline’? Last week I was at the MICE Business & Travel event in the Hilton Hotel at Schiphol Airport, and attended a presentation about ‘The Internet of Things’. It made me think about the upcoming technologies and the things we will be capable of in the future, but also about the way in which we rely on the internet..

Our fridges will tell us when the milk has passed its expiration date, our cars will drive us to our destinations, robots will be able to teach our children and we will find the ‘loves of our lives’ in an online personality existing of 0’s and 1’s. This all will be possible because of the internet connections we have made and will make in the future. It’s an exciting development, with zillions of possibilities and solutions for the problems we are facing. Nevertheless I’m still enjoying the precious time I have offline. Just me, myself and I.. Somewhere on a beach, with palmtrees and a crystal clear ocean 😉


How to be ‘offline’ for a while, or at least how to be less distracted by your phone? My tips & tricks:


1. First of all, buy an alarm. No need to take your phone to the bedroom anymore, you can leave it in the living and sleep a whole lot better.


2. Switch of all the notifications from the apps you don’t really need to see directly.


3. Give people a time frame in which they can reach you by phone. Only then, you will have to pay attention to it.


4. Cover the screen of your phone, so that you won’t be distracted by incoming messages. There are so many fashionable phone coverages with a nice lid. Quite handy as well if you want to store your cards.


5. Last but not least: give your phone a break! It is OK to switch it off sometimes 😉



Want to know more about the Internet of Things? Here 5 facts: