Re-branding, it’s something we all do now and then. As ourselves, but also as a company. You’re constantly developing; your skills, your vision, but also your taste in style. Which appearance suits your message best? What do you want to say to the world? 5 questions you should ask yourself before start building your new brand:

    1. What is your vision?
      When starting to think about your new brand, you should clearly know what your vision is. What do you want to reach in x years?
    2. What is your mission?
      Your mission is a statement which you will use to communicate the purpose of your organization or you as a person.
    3. What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?
      What makes you different than others? Which qualities make that you do what you do, best? What can you offer someone that will help the other?
    4. What does your brand identity look like, and what is your current image?
      Your identity is who you are; your behaviour, your style, your message. It represents your “desire” of what you want people to think of you. The current image you have is how people think of you at the moment. Make a list of what these two look like.
    5. And the last question to get started: which steps do I need to take to make the change?
      Your identity exists of your behaviour, your communication and your styling / visual appearance. Do they reflect what you are and which need some extra attention?


With the answers to these question, you’re on your way to get a better idea of your current ‘brand’ (including identitiy and image) and your desires. Good luck and make it happen! If you need some help.., just give me a ring.