It’s almost holiday season. This means lots of parties, dinners, and other activities to celebrate the successes of this year and to look forward to the year 2017. Some of you might already get nervous of all the things they should arrange; hosting the Christmas party of the office, a family dinner and so on… We, as a PR agency, are organizing events all the time. From small gatherings to larger network events. So I can give you a few tips. Take your notebook and write down:


Start EARLY – ‘A good start, means half the work’, as we like to say in Dutch. By starting your planning early, you avoid having too little time in the end.

Make a PLANNING – I’m quite a control freak, so some people might call me nuts when they see all my schedules on my laptop, agenda et cetera. But I must say to you: it works! Make a calendar in a spreadsheet from now till just after the event. Per date you can make three lines: 1. activity 2. responsible person 3. remarks. Make sure you share this planning with the team, because you have to:

Ask for HELP – You don’t need to do everything on your own. Organizing is about delegating. Form a team and divide the tasks. Splitting tasks means less pressure and full attention. You’re the one who can keep the overview.

Use your TOOLS – Reminders are your helpers. Manage your agenda carefully and make sure all necessary ‘deadlines’ are in it with a ‘reminder’.

Last but not LEAST: think about the lessons you learned in the past and learn from the mistakes you’ll make in the future. Learning means getting better.


Make sure you’ll do everything with a smile. Kindness can bring you everywhere. I’m sure you’re capable, your events will leave footprints in the memories of your invites!

Time to start planning!