Wauw, time did pass by so fast! The end of 2016 is near and a new year is ahead of us. I’m always getting a bit melancholic when a new year number shows up on the calendar. Sometimes I’m just not ready to say goodbye yet, thinking about the things I still wanted to fit in those 365 days.

But not this year. I decide to look back at the wonderful things we achieved and the dreams we have for the future. Check-in PR grew, some awesome new clients checked in and the team is stronger then ever. From discovering the Alentejo to visiting the Grand Park of Puy du Fou and organizing the Norway MICE experience. It was a year to remember and we’re looking forward to what is coming!


So you too, try to look back and be proud of the goals you reached! Focus on the things that went awesome and learn from the things that could have gone better. Thank you 2016, 2017 here we come!