We started the year fresh at the Vakantiebeurs 2017 in the Jaarbeurs of Utrecht. As we like to travel, we also like to discover the new trends in the travel industry as well as the influences of new technologies. What will the year 2017 bring us when it becomes to discover the world around us?

We already did some research in advance and came up with the following ‘trending’ directions in which ‘travel’ is going:

Local Travel: not traveling to far exotic destinations, but discover the own city, province, or country.
Pinspiration: searching for travel information via inspiring images on Pinterest. Instant #wanderlust!
River Cruising: step on board and enjoy the view from the river. During just one trip you’ll discover multiple cities, countries and cultures.
Bleisure Travel: business trips will be combined with leisure travel. What a good idea!
✔ Airbnb and Uber: these platforms are still growing. Share an accommodation or a drive and ‘experience’ a destination in a slightly different way.

The trends we spotted on the Vakantiebeurs 2017 and fit our list hereabove somehow:

Cocooning; safety first and therefore travel to safe places where you can cocoon and get some rest.
Fix; traveling to ‘heal’, loose weight or reach some other personal goal.
Play; use the world as a play ground. Go travel and enjoy your hobby like cycling or surfing.
Karma; fair travel, green travel and for example civil right tourism.
Instant gratification; traveling and working at the same time. Direct ‘pleasure’ and always connected to the world wide web.

With the geopolitical commotion in the world and the threats of terrorists, you should think our ‘wanderlust’ shrinks somehow. But not for us Dutchies. We keep on traveling, we keep on discovering the world.

What do you think of these trends and do you for see any other developments? Share your thoughts with us.