Saturday night, “Wie is de Mol”-night. A lot of Dutch people watch this popular tv-show where famous actors, writers, singers and other well-known faces battle to discover their “Mole”. One of the participants is fooling the group without them knowing it… Sensation and exciting games guaranteed but above all: the perfect promotion for the destination that is hosting the show.

Destination as decor

We live in an online world where bloggers and influencers gain popularity every day and have more influence and power than ever before. Tv is a medium from the past… in the eyes of these new generations watching their favourite YouTube ‘shows’ on demand. However, about 2.8 million people tuned in for the first episode of “Wie is de Mol – 2017”, a tv-show that has been broadcasted for years but still is one of the most popular ones. Every year another destination is the decor for the WIDM-game. And every year the number of Dutch bookings to this destination increases. A lot. Like Dominican Republic in 2016 and Hong Kong, South Africa and Spain in the years before. Even in 2017, this tv-show seems to be the perfect promotion for a destination, even without focussing on any specific travel details, hotspots to visit or cultural must-see’s. Just being the decor for this popular tv-show seems to be enough reason to inspire people and make them travel. What do you think, will Portland and Oregon become a hit this year?

Sharing experiences

‘Experience’, beautiful images and strong stories are the key to success. And that is exactly what we believe in as a PR agency. It doesn’t matter which channels you use to promote your destination or brand; it is about choosing the right channels to reach your target audience and sharing experiences and strong stories. Of course, you can focus on online influencers and social heroes, just like we tend to do in 2017, but if a tv-show has as much power as ‘Wie is de Mol’ why not spending your budget there? As long as you take your readers / viewers / audience on a ‘journey’ and inspire them to consider your destination or brand, you are doing a good job.

What tv-show would you choose to promote your destination or brand?