A brandstory,.. you may have heard this term a thousand times. But what is it and why do you need one? A brand story is the base of your content marketing strategy. Nowadays everything is about telling stories and creating concepts around a brand. Product placement won’t do the job anymore to reach your target group and create that customer loyalty you wish for. 5 reasons…

5 reasons why your brandstory needs major attention:

  1. Your brandstory is a clear and carefully thought through presentation of yourself or your brand. Being able to tell this story in the same way every time again, creates consistency and a clear message to the environment.
  2. Being able to communicate one message about who you are, what you do and most of all why you do it, builds trust among your ‘followers’.
  3. The way in which you tell your brandstory defines the way people look at you as a brand. It is therefore possible to have an influence on your image (i.e. a playful jolly text will give the impression that you’re a playful brand, a more serious tone will give you credibility et cetera).
  4. Having one transparent brand story helps your employees and other stake holders to communicate the message of your company/brand.
  5. Your brandstory can be the point of departure in all your communication expressions


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