Our trust in Social Brands as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube is decreasing.  57% of the Dutch say they have a lack in trust in the online social brands; 66% of the questionned people are worried about the resale of social details; 54% worries about the safety of their data. Only 17% of them say to have trust in the social media corporates and have no worries about the safety of their data. [details: Reputatie-analysebureau Buzzcapture]

We’re masters in using Social Media, both in private as in business life. Over 10,9 million Dutchies are using Whatsapp as a way to communicate (an increasement of 11% in just one year!) and still 10,4 million among us have a Facebook profile. The popularity of this network even still increases among corporates.

But why are the channels still growing, while the trust in these media is decreasing?

I think we cannot imagine a world without social channels like whatsapp and Facebook anymore. Although I think the different social networks are replaceable, I think we cannot go without anymore. It is the way we’re communicating in a quick and efficient way. The longing for personal contact will not dissappear, what makes it possible that the online social environment will change to a more ‘connecting’ platform, than a virtual online space for maintaining friendships.

Social Media channels will exist, also in the future. The sign that the distrust in the brands is giving, must be a warning for the social corporates to make changes and developments. Online safety should be secured, fake news should be banned and social should be an enrichement of the social life, not a replacement. The future will work it out..