You must have seen them, popping up on your Facebook page, Whatsapp screen and Instagram. What did start as the ‘Snapchat story’ continued with Instastories, followed by Whatsapp stories and Facebook stories. I have the feeling that I can’t keep up with all those ways of sharing my daily story with my audience. With so many platforms to use, which one should you choose?

Snapchat stories
Snapchat started the whole hype with its short ‘snaps’, a photo or video you post to your very own stories section (or feed) of your account. The whole story remains visible for your friends during 24 H and is a unique way to give people a peek into your life/business. The constantly changing filters make the app a funny pastime. What to post? N’importe quoi, but remember who can see your shares…

  • Perfect medium to giggle with your friends about the crazy pictures and videos you can create.
  • Stories is the core business of Snapchat: you get what you ordered..
  • For your company? You’ll be able to reach the younger generation easily. Taco bell was a great exemple.

Insta stories
Give your instagram feature an extra layer by adding Insta stories to your profile. While pictures on Instagram are often carefully styled and modified with filters, Insta stories show ‘the real life’, ‘nothing to hide’. It gives the persons behind the Instagram profiles more personality and makes them more ‘human’. A perfect tool to engage more followers. What to share? The world behind your Instagram pictures.

  • Gives your account a face.
  • Multiple features in 1 app = easy.
  • For your company? Perfect tool to give a look ‘behind the scenes’. Could make your organisation more ‘human’.

Facebook stories
Really, I still don’t know anyone among my friends and connections who is using this tool right now. According to me, Facebook is benefiting more from the feature ‘live’, than it will from Facebook Stories. Furthermore, everyone got used to the Insta stories first, now Facebook introduced it, it’s wait and see who’s open to use it.. I would guess the elder generation who couldn’t be found on Instagram. What to post? Regular things you would share via Facebook as well. But be aware of the people who can see your updates..

  • Could be interesting to reach the ‘elder generation’ without an Instagram account.
  • Don’t know what else to say about it..

Whatsapp stories
What to share on whatsapp stories? This could be a difficult one as most of the people have both business and personal contacts in their address books on their phones. Everyone who uses whatsapp (and who doesn’t any more?) will be able to have a look into your life. Be careful with what you share and when.. Your privacy may be in stake.

So… do you want to share these little updates of what’s going on in your life? Choose your medium wisely, just like the messages you’re posting. In the end, you don’t want to share everything with everyone.