Ever heard of the themepark Puy du Fou? It is a themed park in France, near the city of Nantes. It seems that the park is the second largest themepark of France (Disney remains the big winner) and spreads its knowledge about the shows they are producing world wide. Why is it then, that most of us in the Netherlands, haven’t heard of it once? France isn’t that far away.. At least the reason won’t be the attractiveness of the park. I took a group of journalists to Puy du Fou to let them explore the reasons why you should visit this impressive place. My reasons why? Read on..

1. You can sleep in a Roman empire, or castle, or tent, or…


2. You can travel in time


3. There is not just one but there are many many big shows


4. They are a star in special effects and stunts!


5. Children, adults, animal lovers, the ones interested in history.. Puy du Fou is there for everyone!

The magic of Puy du Fou


Will we see you there?