Media trips are a very effective tool when it comes to promoting a destination or hotel. By inviting key media contacts and let them explore and experience a country, region, city or venue themselves, their stories about these brands will be personal and authentic. We strongly believe in this concept. However, only if done in a personal and authentic way.

Efficient vs. Effective

Media trips can either be organized in groups or on individual basis. Both ways are interesting and effective, íf executed the right way. A personal way. In the last couple of months we saw a lot of online content and stories about Disneyworld Paris, about India and about Greece. Interesting influencers, bloggers and journalists talking about their trip to these destinations and sharing their most beautiful pictures and experiences. Especially the family focussed media where Disney minded. It seems that they were all invited by the French theme park and all travelled at the same time. Result: a Disney ‘bomb’ on Instagram and a lot of – quite similar – online stories and pictures. Efficient? Yes. Effective? Not necessarily.

‘One of a kind’ experiences

We believe that inviting a big bunch of media all at the same time is less effective than inviting a small, mixed group (4 different persons / media) or various individuals. By traveling with a small selection of mixed media or letting journalists explore the destination on their own, their experiences will be more personal and their output different an authentic. And isn’t this what we should aim for? To let media tell their stories in their own special way? Sponsored content is okay, but the way it will be shared has to be as much ‘one of a kind’ as possible. Seen from a media and from a destination point of view.

More time, more energy

After large groups of media went on a media trip together we see a lot of the same story angles and output popping up online. And that is a pity. We think that setting up a personal cooperation with an individual journalist / blogger who will spread the word year round, or inviting a well chosen selected group of four very different online and offline media creates much more awareness. Quality before quantity. Mix & match. It takes more time, it costs more energy (and sometimes more money) but is totally worth it.