Currently, the weather forecast on my phone tells me it is 36 degrees outside. 36 degrees. These temperatures remind me of festivals, about sunny holiday destinations, but also about the so called ‘cucumber season’. In the past, when summer was on, media and publishers had less news to share… However, I have to admit that in my PR years no cucumbers have been found at my desk. Sharing news worthy stories is something we do 365 days a year. So… PR & ‘cucumber season’….? What do you think?


Last year I read an article on a Dutch marketing website called about PR and the cucumber season where PR professionals share their vision on this phenomenon. Conclusion: there is no real ‘cucumber season’ anymore. In times of online media and of sharing stories with your audiences on social media 24/7, news spreading is something we do all day and all year long.

Summer vs. Shoulder
I was curious to see what would happen at Check-in during the summer season: although our partners / clients and Check-in team members went out for a well deserved holiday the business kept going on. Especially for our destination / tourism board related clients the summer is a very interesting time to share news and experiences about their shoulder season. And that is exactly what we did. In addition, for our client By The Creek [music festival near Utrecht] the summer season was THE season to shine. The festival’s first edition took place in July and kept us busy during those hot summer days, reaching out to media, sharing surprising brand stories and so on. Just like we will do this year.

Stay chilled
So for us there is no such a thing as ‘cucumber season’. Nope. How about you? Do you believe in a ‘shoulder season’ for media and PR activities? And how do you cope with that? The only cucumbers that will be found on our desks this summer are the sliced ones in our chilly glasses of water 🙂