Summer time. Instagram and Facebook timelines are exploding: stunning holiday pics are popping up everywhere, and all day long. From the famous ‘swing’ in Thailand and white beaches in Aruba to a sunny terrace in France and watching a sundowner in Portugal. Everybody seems to book exotic destinations to find their ultimate holiday experience. But why not look for these ingredients in your own home town? Holiday vibes are just around the corner! At least, at mine… 5 times holiday happiness at home:

  1. Summer nights at sea

Looking for the ultimate summer feeling, without traveling abroad? Go for an after work evening at one of the Dutch beaches. If you drive to Bloemendaal aan Zee, Noordwijk or Scheveningen after working hours, there is almost no traffic and you will arrive when others just decided to leave. Perfect timing for a summer bite at the beach or a walk while watching the sun go down.

  1. Picnic in the park

Pack a picnic basket full of your favourite snacks and drinks and catch up with some friends in a park nearby. No park? Green grass in the back yard or a bench on a nice spot in the neighbourhood will do. Add some lime and mint to your waterbottle, bring some fresh strawberries and pancakes to go. A perfect afternoon activity, also with kids, and an instant summer feeling guaranteed.

  1. Breakfast – sunny side up

Instead of eating breakfast at home, find a table at one of the terraces and enjoy a sandwich, croissant or granola outside in the morning sun. Easy but effective. Think of those little things that make you smile on vacation, and look for those holiday ingredients close to home.

  1. Borough biking

Sounds very simple – and actually it is – but if you take your bike to explore new places you inmediately get that holiday kind of feeling. While biking your own neighbourhood or borough, you are more aware of all the nice houses, the trees, the birds and the people you pass by. It actually opens your eyes. And that is what most people are looking for in a holiday: get surprised and open your  eyes and heart for new experiences.

  1. Sending postcards

Although we live our lives digital and online, a simple postcard still turns a smile on my face. And on the faces of others. I try to send postcards at least once a month, from my hometown and from the places I visit. A day in theme park the Efteling? My cousins receive a nice card. A business meeting in Rotterdam or Brugge? My grandmother receives a postcard featuring the Erasmus bridge or small Belgian canals. By only writing some nice lines about what is on my mind and sending a postcard to someone I love, I instantly feel that kind of holiday happiness. Just try and you will see it is that simple :).