We’re in de middle of summer and looking forward to our holidays! Abroad or closer to home. Offcourse all the memories we make during this period have to be cought on camera. Nowadays we often travel around with our phone and we can take pictures at every moment. Here are 5 tips for the best pictures:

1. Take a good camera (not just your phone)

A few years back you couldn’t imagine going on holiday without a camera. Where did we have to make pictures with otherwise? Nowadays I take pictures with my phone, I always have it on me and it is easy to grab it when there is something you want to capture. Although this is very handy, I noticed that some things (the details) cannot be captured with the camera on your phone. So for the best pictures take a real camera!

2. It’s all in the details

Like I mentioned earlier the best pictures are made by a camera. Due to the different settings you can better focus on the details. Dept, colours and profiles get much clearer. Besides this most of the times the details are more interesting than the bigger picture. Like the picture below, the drops on the leaf give an amazing effect.

3. Look for locals

When you are on holiday you should try to look for the locals. They are in their natural habitat and often have their own rituals. When you can capture a moment like this you can really show the nature of the city or village and its people. Like here in the Alentejo during a press trip.

4. Show where you are

When you show others the pictures of your big adventures and experiences it is nice to see a person in the picture. Show where you and your friends or family have been and not just the surrounding. It is nice to give a face to the pictures.

5. Don’t always look in the camera

When taking pictures of a person they often don’t know what pose to strike, at least I don’t. So why not just look at the beautiful view and not look at the camera. Like this it doesn’t feel forced and it still is a great picture!  With a person on it ;).

What do you do to make the best pictures during your holiday? Let us know!