Summer. Holiday time! Time to travel the world, discover new places, meet interesting locals or enjoy some well-deserved days off in your own hometown or backyard. My ultimate summer feeling is – after a hot sunny day – just being outside, enjoying the clear skies, a glass of wine and good company. Life can be so easy 😉 For those who instantly need a dosis of holiday vibes, I share another of my top 5’s: the ultimate summer night experiences. Just to put a smile upon your face, to ‘travel away’ for a second and to prepare your next trip abroad:

  1. Amazing star gazing in the Alentejo

Do you enjoy dark starry skies and thousands of bright shining stars on a hot summer night, just like I do? Good news: you do not have to travel to the desert, the Portuguese Alentejo it is! This region was named one of the first ‘Dark Sky Reserves’ of the world (by UNESCO and UNWTO) and has the most beautiful skies you can imagine. Especially around the Alqueva lake, where there is no light polution at all, you will have the most amazing dark sky experiences and you can even see the Milky Way about 250 days per year. Make your star gazing trip to the Alentejo even more special by staying at a house boat on the lake.

[picture: Turismo do Alentejo – Joao Fructuoso]


  1. Treehouse travels to Savoie Mont Blanc

When you think of Savoie Mont Blanc (region in French Alps) you think of mountains. This destination is a paradise for nature- and outdoor lovers. While on holiday I love to visit villages and crowded city centres but also to enjoy nature, rent a SUP-board and paddle my way around or stay at a campsite. The best way to experience the natural side of a destination like France to the fullest is by staying in the middle of it. And why not in a tree house? Entre Terre et Ciel is one of the organisations in Savoie Mont Blanc were you can book Cabanes (tree houses). Unique summer experiences guaranteed!

[picture: Entre Terre et Ciel]


  1. Diner ‘with a view’ in Innsbruck

I have to admit, 80% of my holiday pics are food related. Going out for dinner is one of those activities that make my holiday experiences unforgettable. Especially a dinner outside, ‘en plain air’, with an amazing view. And this is exactly what you will find on the Nordkette in Innbsruck. On Fridays a cable car takes you up to the mountain to the Seegrube Hotel where you can enjoy a delicious traditional Austrian dinner, with a breathtaking view on Innsbruck and all the citylights. For those who prefer a modern setting, make sure you book a table at restaurant Lichtblick, located on the top floor of the stylish Rathausgalerien.

[picture: Innsbruck Tourismus]


  1. The French countryside in Paris

Like I mentioned before: I simply love cities: my perfect summer holiday trip includes a city trip. Paris is one of the cities that keeps surprising me, no matter how often I go there. Spending a hot summer night at the Montmartre stairs or near the boarders of the Seine is wonderful. But discovering hidden gems for new summer night experiences is what I like the most. Le Chalet des Iles for example. A romantic getaway on an island in Bois de Boulogne, giving you an instant French countryside-feeling in only five minutes from Place d’Etoile.

[picture: Chalet des Iles – Paris]


  1. Sitting on the Dok of Gent

Gent is one of those Belgian cities that is not that wellknown but is really worth a visit. While spending hot summer days in the cosy city centre make sure you don’t miss out on a night at the Dok (at the Schipperskaai in the Gentse Oude Dokken). On four Saturday nights in July and August you can go ‘chillen & grillen’: just chilling at the urban waterside, enjoying a nice BBQ and free concerts in an idillic setting. Or go sitting at the Dok of Gent and enjoy some dj’s spinning their records or watch open air movies.

[picture: de Oude Dokken]

What is your ultimate summer night experience? Please do not hesitate to share it with us! Maybe you will find your experience highlighted in one or our ‘newsletter – experience specials’!