This summer was a summer of sports. Not for the Dutch national men soccer team though… however, the national women’s soccer team (European Champion), national women’s and men’s hockey teams (both European Champion), Dafne Schippers (World Champion 200m), Tom Dumoulin (winner Giro d’Italia) and Anja Groot (World Champion fishing) totally made up for that! Decor of those big sport events were the hosting cities, regions and destinations. Think of those video shots of the Tour de France… or athletes sharing their training sessions abroad on Instagram. Sports seem to be an effective way to promote a destination.

credits: Innsbruck Tourismus

Tour & Travel

French landscapes, the impressive mountain tops, small authentic French villages and the Parisian Champs-Elysées: all very well-known images seen on tv during the Tour de France. This famous cycling event attracts cycle lovers from all over the world but also a lot of fans at home, watching the cyclists conquering the magnificent French Alps. The decor of The Round of France – among others the Savoie Mont Blanc – inspires people to go there and spend their holidays in the French mountains. Therefore, it is very interesting for a destination’s tourist board to be involved in the organization and preparation of a big sports event like the Tour.

credits: Savoie Mont Blanc Tourisme – Lacombe

Training & Travel

The Cycling World Championships will be held in Innsbruck in 2018. The Austrian mountains surrounding the city is the dream location for the cycling top to show their skills and moments of victory. But also on beforehand, Innsbruck an its mountains offer the perfect circumstances for training sessions. And that is exactly what the Dutch cyclists of the LottoNL-Jumbo team were thinking when they decided to spend the summer training sessions there. By choosing Innsbruck as their training location and by sharing images, videos and their adventures in the media and online, they were promoting Innsbruck is a very attractive way: “Innsbruck is a perfect and very accessible biking destination”.

credits: LottoNL-Jumbo

Trail & Travel

It is getting more and more popular: running a marathon, doing a trail, obstacle run or triathlon abroad. The more beautiful the destination, the more “bucket list worthy” the event will be. In the last couple of years it became a new way of traveling: exploring a destinations and improve your sportive personal records at the same time. During these sportive travel activities the participants share their adventures on social media like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Very personal stories and ‘live’ reports that reach a very broad audience. A destination could not wish for a better promotion like the personal “from the heart” experiences of these athletes.

credits: Madelon Baans – Instagram