Summer is coming to an end. Days are getting shorter and the sun is slowly fading. Yesterday we had our first ‘autumn storm’ in the Netherlands. On social media you also see the first signs of winter. Messages popping up showing the first snow fall. As soon as this happens I start longing for winter.

This is the period that the focus is changing, you see it in stores (the first ‘pepernoten’ are available) and on Facebook, messages about the first snow, the first ski areas that are opening and the travel organizations that start to promote their winter holiday destinations. September is also the month that our clients start to prepare for the upcoming winter season, not only the snow destinations (Les Menuires, Savoie Mont Blanc, Innsbruck) but also the more sunny destinations like the Alentejo and Martinhal.

All of this makes you think of the upcoming winter. You may think why is she looking forward to winter, well this is why:

  • You can start planning your next ski / snow trip;
  • You can wear that nice and warm sweater again;
  • You can finally eat that delicious food again, i.e. cheese fondue, raclette;
  • You can light up the fireplace;
  • Drink hot cocoa

Are you also looking forward to winter time? Or do you prefer to stay in summer a little while longer?