Most people are following the sun while traveling abroad. Or are looking for the best snow conditions during their yearly winter sports break. Sure, summer and winter are perfect seasons to travel and to make new experiences. But how about twirling autumn leaves? Red, yellow, orange landscapes and sipping hot chocolate in the park, enjoying autumn days in October? Not one of the most popular travel seasons…yet. A pity. There is so much to disover in autumn! Count me in ☺

Autumn in New York

One of the most magical places in the world in autumn is definitely New York. I have to admit that Richard Gere and Winona Rider [“Autumn in New York”] made me fell in love with the idea of falling leaves in the heart of the most beautiful city in the world. It was on my bucketlist ever since, this autumn break to the Big Apple. And so I went in October 2009. Every once and a while I grab my photo album, play Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong and dream away…. about my next stroll in a red, yellow and orange coloured Central Park.


Picking olives in the Alentejo

Autumn is the perfect season to experience the harvest traditions in the Alentejo. Not only the picking the grapes but also picking olives – and later on in the season harvesting the cork – is a local annual happening. The sleapy landscapes in this Portuguese region turn into beautiful, colourful paintings, and make it a magical place. It is one of the places in the world that really stole my heart. Pure, friendly, relaxed and authentic. Just how I like a perfect day in autumn.


Herbst Genuss Fest in Innbruck

Innsbruck is known as the capital of the Alps, and surrounded by impressive mountain tops. In winter time the city turns into a snowy city experience: imagine strolling the small streets in the Altstad, enjoying Apfelstrudel at the Kröll Strudel Cafe and eating homemade Knödel at one of the traditional Austrian restaurants. But first comes autumn. The time when the locals celebrate their Austrian traditions with a special Herbst Genuss Fest. The Nordkette mountain and the Alps restaurant the Seegrube (at 1.905m) turn into a real autumn experience where you can taste, smell and enjoy this special season to the fullest.


Curious, what is your favourite autumn break destination?