This month, Portugal stood most definitely in the Check-in spotlights. In the beginning of this month, Peter travelled with a group of Travel Counsellors to Lisbon to discover the Alentejo region and the Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts concept. I myself travelled with a group of journalists to Lisbon and Cascais to experience Martinhal, and Joy took off this week for another mediatrip to highlight the luxury in the Alentejo. As we have multiple partners in Portugal, we believe that we should combine forces instead of seeing those projects as two completely different things. We believe in reinforcing both brands by highlighting each’s USP’s and added value when travelling to southern Europe.


Ofcourse you and your company want to take the lead in the market. You want people to choose your product or services, above the ones of other parties. But what if you don’t emphasize so badly on the competition, but rather look for ways to combine forces? We believe we – as Check-in PR – have some great services to offer to clients who are searching for our way of working. But what if you must conclude that the fit isn’t perfect, although the ‘click’ is there? Than be sportive and encourage people to search for another partner, but stay in touch. Or work together with another agency on fields your not that familiar with. Try to complement each other in the best way. Together you’re stronger.


And therefore we like to combine forces when we’re talking about our clients in Portugal. Using it as an advantage, kill two birds with one stone (not literally – please..). Combine the media trips, showing all parties that there is a lot to discover in Portugal. The fantastic region of Alentejo and the beautiful hotels and surroundings of Martinhal. A road trip through the countryside ends in a luxurous stay in Cascais with an escape to the city – Martinhal Chiado.


What’s your vision?