November. The end of the year is coming closer, meaning plans and strategies for 2018 are being made. Autumn is the season of pitches, tender procedures and company presentations. Agencies like ours have plenty of ideas, but sometimes the complicated tender procedure simply make it impossible to give all you got to make the perfect pitch candidate…

The best way to start working for a new client is through a direct lead and personal RFP (request for proposal). If the strategy and plans meet the mutual expectations a kick-off session will be scheduled and the first activities can be set up. As a ‘new kid in town’ we know from experience that a so called ‘click’ is one of the most important ingredients for a successful partnership between a PR agency and its client. Yes,  this sounds like an open door, however this is not always the case.

Especially in the field of ‘travel PR’ and ‘destination management’ large tender procedures are part of the daily new business activities. This makes sense, since tourist boards and convention bureaus are part of the local /national government. We join these governmental tenders for international destinations on a regular basis and spend lots and lots of (unpaid) hours to prepare a proposal that meets all requirements. We share creative ideas, strategy proposals and background information on Check-in PR. Our ultimate goal: to share the ‘Check-in feeling’ through all those strict regulations and numerous proposal pages. A tough job since – in our opinion – a personal meeting is the best way to see if the ‘click’ and match is there.

A tender procedure simply does not allow to meet the other parties in person. A case of impartiality. Of course, this make perfect sense. But on the other hand it is such a missed opportunity. When you work together with people you like and with whom you are on the same page, the results will be much better. That is why a personal presentation as part of the tender procedure is important. It takes extra time, yes, but a personal ‘check-in’ and sharing thoughts face-to-face will pay off in the end. At least that is the pitch practice we would like to preach.