Two months ago I already wrote about ‘winter feelings’. Then we had our first autumn storm and you saw the first messages on Social Media about the upcoming winter. This were also the signs that we can start preparing for winter. Nowadays there are many Facebook posts, blogs and advertisements about winter holidays in the snow and the ski areas that officially opened the ski season. I am a real winter sports fan so when I see those messages I can’t wait to go to the snow myself. Did you also think about your next ‘snow’ trip already? Or do you prefer to spend your winter in the sun?

It seems more snow has fallen already than with Christmas last year (2016). That’s good news! Let’s hope we will get more in December. Some ski areas in France, Switzerland and Austria opened earlier than planned because of the good snow fall.  Do you already see yourself sliding down the slopes?

Even if you are not a big ski or snowboard fan there are lots of other things to do in the snow. Like visiting Innsbruck in Austria, the perfect destination to combine a city trip with some skiing (optional ;)). This time of the year the first Christmas markets in Innsbruck pop up. So if you want to get in the Christmas spirit this is also a nice activity.

Other winter activities you can think about are; walking on snowshoes, dog sledging, normal sledging, paragliding or relaxing in the spa. So enough to do at different winter destinations!

Do I see you on one of the ski slopes in France, Switzerland or Austria this winter?