Peter and I went on a trip to Cascais, Portugal for a strategic meeting wit hall of our Martinhal colleagues last week. After a short and busy stay, we returned with loads of Pasteis de Nata and pockets full of new information, new inspiration and new contacts. We met with our PR colleagues from all over the world and listened to the most interesting stories about their local PR markets and their vision on the travel industry… 3 of the topics that surprised us the most:

  1. Personal PR

Yes, there it is again: open door #1 –> a personal approach still is the key to success in the world of PR. And still not a common fact for some PR agencies… However, in all of our different Martinhal partner markets – from France and Germany to New York, India and Ireland – personal contacts, face to face meetings with media, long term relationships with (niche) tour operators are the most important ingredients to make a PR strategy a successful one. It is not about quantity but about quality: small media group trips and TO FAM-trips. This is something we strongly believe in and we are happy to hear that our colleagues have this topic on top of their priority list as well.

  1. Air: a reason to travel

Fresh air, onspoiled nature, clean boardwalks, clear starry skies.… we as Europeans take these ‘free amenities’ often for granted. We are used to breath clean air, to take a walk in a city park or forrest just outside the city centre, watch the stars at night. But for people from Delhi, India, from Sao Paolo/Brazil or Bejing/China this is not the case. Not at all. They travel to breath fresh air, they take a plane to Portugal to enjoy onspoiled nature just outside the city centre of Lisbon and to see the Milky Way at night with there own eyes. All ‘extra’s’ that are included in a trip to Europe. For free.

Man feeling freedom on open sea

  1. Bloggers… they are soooo 2010

And last but not least… the world of PR and communications is changing rapidly. Especially online. Bloggers? They are soooo 2010! At least that is what our Chinese colleagues believe. A traditional blogger with his/her own online blog is not the way it works anymore… In China a blogger still writes online about their experiences, trips and lifestyle but publishes content on other channels and platforms. They are not only content creators but content providers; influencers without their own platform. Let’s see how are bloggers are rollin’ in a couple of years 😉