#CANTSKIPPORTUGAL, IAMSTERDAM, I <3 ARUBA and now as well WE <3 MM. Say what? Say we love Emmen, you know that city in the North of the Netherlands. The #selfiehotspot is a giant success and a wonderful piece of city marketing art. The IAMSTERDAM statue at Museum Square in Amsterdam attracks millions of tourists and became the selfie hotspot of the city. The selfie hotspot is a giant success, but why?

Amsterdam, Lisbon, Aruba, Barcelona… They have some things in common; having a #selfiehotspot is one of them. But not only destinations make use of this incredible powerful tool. When I was in Sydney I ran into an giant statue of the Minions – you know – those funny silly figures from the movies. During the fireworkshow that took place in the harbour, thousands of people had gathered to view the show and – surprise – the Minions happened to be there. #MINIONSWEREHERE created an instant buzz for the movie Despicable me. Why? Because they were surprising!

The IAMSTERDAM statue in Amsterdam started as a citycampaign, but grew into a ‘way of living’ in just a few years. Many pictures are taken in front of the massive letters and souvenirshops saw their chance and created many items with the slogan ‘I AMSTERDAM’. The #selfiehotspot of Amsterdam became ‘a way of life and a way of thinking‘, and therefore part of the experience during a citytrip in Amsterdam.

Weather you promote your destination or a brand, the power of the #selfiehotspot is often worth the investment. Taking pictures and sharing them online is part of our daily life. What easier way to let people join your campaign? If the 50.000 € investment of the city of Emmen will attract more tourists to the city I doubt, but it will definitely attract passers-by who are happy to take pictures of it.