The end of the year is near. 2017 is about to leave the stage and 2018 is anxious to take over the show. Time to reflect and make plans for the months to come. It is easy to tell yourself about your successes in 2017, new contracts signed and interesting contacts met or about the things that went wrong, the learnings and challenges. But how about your blessings?

You probably know those ‘in between days’ between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I always tend to look back at what crossed my career pathway the last 12 months and look ahead to what is coming. A couple of days of reflection and dreaming big and small things for the future. But this year was a different experience. The days between enjoying family dinners and watching fire works in the skies, I realized that some things are not measurable, and are not clear at all… however, these things make you feel on top of the world and blessed.


Count your blessings, a saying we all know ‘private-wise’: your family, happy moments with good friends, a new born baby, first winter holiday with the kids, a good coffee in that cosy bar around the corner… But why not count your business and career blessings too? Not the profits you have made, the number of products you have sold, the pile of media clippings you have generated but count the blessings of the not measurable things in your career life.

Count your blessings: less ‘business focussed’, but maybe more important than anything else. The things you have accomplished without contracting new clients, or growing brand awareness. Take for example a strong team spirit or lots of laughter at the office lunch table. Watching the sunrise from a plane or a happy feeling when closing the door on Fridays and looking back at a good week, entering the weekend with new energy. Your blessings can be anything, and will be different for every different person. But one thing is for sure: we all have them. So make them count.