In the Netherlands live some travel eager inhabitants, it is something we are known for. Also in 2018 we will see a growth in the number of trips. In general we set foot in new adventures and especially travel by plane. In 2017 about 68,4 million passengers flew from Schiphol Airport. This year, it might even be more travellers. However, with the trips we make, we put a lot of pressure on mother nature. How do we cope with that within the travel industry? And what kind of developments will we see in 2018? The compensation of CO2, more local tourism… We will closely follow the trends in 2018, while our footprint is enormous at the moment.


Humans damage nature; our so called ‘footprint’ is gigantic. Something we could all agree on. Also the travel industry has its part in it. Travelling by airplane becomes less and less expensive, and therefore travelling to long haul destinations as well. For some destinations this means an explosion of hotels, growing airports and pressure on nature and the living environment of the local people. So do we have to decide to be less adventurous and celebrate our holidays closer to home? There are a lot of different opions about that question. Fact is that flying ‘green’ is not possible yet, but CO2 compensation is becoming more popular. Even as the growth of small local self-sufficient accommodations. The standard in hotels is on the move; towels are not being changed everyday and camping – a less harmful way of travelling – is still enormously popular among the Dutch.

Travelling greener doesn’t mean less adventurous or less comfortable. Cleaning your mess, enjoying activities in nature, tasting local products; all those things that make a journey special in 2018. The world is beautiful, let’s take good care of it and its inhabitants and set a good example to the people around you.