Picture perfect, that is what many of us women want to achieve and present on our Instagram feed. Travelling means only – and I say only – sunny weather, beautiful white beaches and sea which is even more colourful with a filter. Fashion means every day a perfect matching outfit and perfect model picture. Food equals perfectly styled plates and stylish cutlery to come with it. But this imaginary world has a flipside, and that one is way more raw than what we want to believe


Chloe Sterk, once ‘Fashionista Chloe’ and founder of the new platform DailyNonsense.nl chose to burst the Instagram bubble in which she lived. As an influencer with thousands of followers, she always felt the pressure to deliver perfect photos that would go sky-high. A tough job! With the new algorhitm Facebook introduced in 2016, it became even more difficult to gain the likes and be visible in the timelines of followers. Which resulted in posting pictures in bikini (because… these kind of pictures were more likely to be liked), working with like Robots, starting Instagram like pools, and so on. From a fashion blogger with perfect pictures, she turned into a passionate traveller that likes to share real stories on a new – more real – platform. The fear of breaking down and being stuck in a fake world won over the fear of losing fans.

But more influencers are doubting about continuing living in the illusion of perfection, the bought followers and distraction. Vloggers with burnouts, bloggers trapped in a web of ‘must-do’s’ and Instagrammers being unhappy because of the ungoing pressure to deliver likeable content. Girls fans feeling too thick, too thin, too short, too long, too out-of-fashion because they cannot afford the items they see passing by on Instagram. What is likeable about that? Life isn’t picture perfect, just like the fact that you cannot always be happy. There are days on which is rains, there are days that you feel sad. That is life, perfect imperfection. Hopefully we will see this life more often on social media, because it’s beautiful.


I myself, hope that in the future, there will be more influencers like Chloe, that are willing to show the real world and show the beauty of the edgy side of life. It is way more inspiring than the perfect world we believed was our ideal.