Some time ago I visited the Social Conference 2018 in Pakhuys de Zwijger in Amsterdam. An event by EMERCE that took place for the 9th time this year. In the opening speech the speaker referred to the question they ask themselves every year again: should we organize this event again? Has everything about social media not been said already? The answer again was no.. Although the popularity of the hashtag #DeleteFacebook, it doesn’t look like the end of the social bubble yet. Some learnings…

After became clear that Facebook used personal details of millions of users for political manipulation, the hashtag #DeleteFacebook became trending topic online. The number of key searches for ‘Delete Facebook’ went skyhigh all around the world. However, it doesn’t look like we abandon Facebook in the Netherlands, at least not yet… The Dutch Facebook pages with the largest numbers of likes did not show a stunning decreasement of fans.

Check-in PR

Another bubble: the one of the influencers

Another question, frequently asked at TSC2018 was ‘if the influencer bubble shall burst soon?’. The answer was ambiguous: both yes and no. Nienke Plas, online influencer herself, believes that in a certain way the influencer bubble will burst, but that the influencers with strong ideas and concepts for their platforms will still play a major roll in marketing strategies. Social media isn’t leaving the stage, and although there is a shift in platform and target groups, anno 2018 and on, this will be the way of life. A statement I can connect with, as I believe we all hate and love social media at the same time, and cannot imagine a live without them anymore.


The business is still ‘ON’

The business is still ‘on’ @Facebook. Although Facebook has made changes in the newsfeed and made business posts lower in ranking than posts of friends and family, companies are still seeing the value of Facebook. It is the place where they can easily connect with a specific target audience and analyse traffic, demographics et cetera. KLM even made the technical efforts to be able to communicate with their clients via Messenger. To make their services even more personal for their clients.




So what do you think about the future of social media? Are you a #DeleteFacebook user? And what kind of platform has got all your interest at the moment? Is it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or maybe YouTube? Let me know!