There is something about ‘themes’, don’t you think so? The moment that you open that invitation for a theme party and you know that you can grab that crazy outfit out of your closet again.. But also the annual ‘week of Books’ during which you cannot only learn about new book titles, but also can travel for free with the trains of NS on Sunday. And what to think about the detox-weeks on Bali and the cycling holidays in the French Alps? Who ‘themes’ has power, and who ‘themes’ has a purpose.

Theme holidays are more popular than ever. Spending your precious holidays on the beach, reading a magazine and baking in the sun is – for many people – not satisfying anymmore. Travellers want to have a purpose when going on a holiday. The hobbies back home are taken abroad, or new hobbies are mastered.

Surfing in Portugal, cycling in Savoie Mont Blanc, yoga retreats in ski village Les Menuires and so on.. The popularity of theme trips makes it for destinations, travel agencies and so on more interesting to focus on a niche market, rather than always communicating to the mass. If you’re a big fan of horses you want to ride in the mountains of Peru don’t you? And if you’re a surfer, you want to discover new places to surf, not?

Themes.. wonderful tool to reach the niche not the mass