Ever thought about taking a sabbatical? 91% of the Dutch do, says international research of travel platform VakantiePiraten.nl. One of the most common reasons to take a sabbatical is to be able to travel for a longer periode of time than when taking an ‘ordinary’ holiday. Number one destination? Australia, followed by New Zealand and Indonesia. Many respondents did not follow their dream yet because they say it is difficult financially. Nevertheless, 17% of the Dutch respondents say that they think their employer would support the idea.

Not only the youth dreams about a sabbatical
Many Dutch (and internationals as well) dream about taking a sabbatical. The largest part (94%) of the Dutch millennials say they would appreciate a longer break very much, which won’t be a surprise to you. However, also the respondents aged 45+ tell they dream about taking a sabbatical (85%). Only 15% of this group already took the decision in the past. The main reason to take a sabbatical is to go travel (38%), because they got the chance and they took it (27%) and to take care of family/friends (14%).

Lots of time
The biggest part of the Dutch respondents in the research of VakantiePiraten.nl, says wanting a sabbatical to travel (66%) or to combine travel with working (22%). The most popular travel destinations for the Dutch are Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the United States. But also the Seychellen, Nepal and Peru are called (by a minority). Remarkable is that also for the French, Italian, Spanish, German, Austrian and Swiss, Australia is the absolute number 1 travel destination for a dream escape. How long the ideal sabbatical would take? 26% of the Dutch say it is a period of 4 till 6 month time, 23% says a year.

The results are from a excecuted by VakantiePiraten.nl in July 2018. In total there were 15.363 participants, of which 1.454 Dutch.