Innsbruck city & region almost back to pre-Corona level

Winter statistics in Innsbruck city & region are in

It has not escaped anyone's notice that 2020 and 2021 were tough years for the entire tourism industry, due to the corona crisis. Unfortunately, this was no different for Innsbruck city and region, which used to be a popular winter sports destination among Dutch holidaymakers. Recently, the new statistics were released and they look rosy. Good news! The 2021 - 2022 winter season was very successful for Innsbruck city, but also for the entire Innsbruck region! The numbers shot up again, meaning that Dutch people once again flocked to the beautiful region en masse. The city of Innsbruck sat at 97% of visitor numbers again this winter compared to before corona. The Innsbruck region and its ski resorts cannot complain either, scoring close to pre-corona levels again. Innsbruck hopes to continue this upward trend into next winter season. Innsbruck Tourismus can't wait to welcome many tourists again next season and let them enjoy the fantastic pistes, the unique combination of city and nature and the amazing views.

May we welcome you to breathtaking Innsbruck next winter?