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La Rosière was founded in 1960 by former shepherds dedicated to building a ski resort. All these years later, residents, shopkeepers, accommodation providers and restaurateurs are all passionate about offering visitors the best possible service, both in winter and summer. La Rosière is located a few kilometres from Mont Blanc and a short distance from the Col du Petit Saint-Bernard, you can enjoy perfect climate conditions here. This ensures excellent snow conditions from mid-December to the end of April.

The ski resort
La Rosière is a ski resort recognised by the Famille Plus label. In addition to its commitment to specific criteria, this destination has made a family-friendly approach a way of life. All types of families are welcome in La Rosière - big or small, single-parent families, young children and teenagers. Just the layout and construction of the resort and the range of facilities, services and activities on offer ensure that all families can enjoy a perfect stress-free holiday.

Famille Plus certification
As a Famille Plus-accredited resort, La Rosière focuses on 6 specific pillars:
1. A welcome tailored to families
2. Animations suitable for all age groups
3. Prices tailored to different ages
4. Activities that can be done by different age groups alone or together
5. Easy access to shops and services
6. The highest standards of professional childcare by our staff.

Compliance with these criteria is regularly monitored by an independent body to ensure families receive a warm welcome and enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Is skiing the only activity? No!

The Igloo experience
This traditional Inuit dwelling has always held a certain fascination. Would you like to learn how to build one? The ESF organises fun igloo-building afternoons in the heart of the forest, for young and old alike.
Want something to drink, eat or even sleep in an igloo? It's time to explore the Village Igloo, a 130m² space shaped like a giant dome of ice in the heart of La Rosière ski resort. You can come here during the day for a drink and on Wednesday evenings for a delicious Savoyard fondue. For those who want to experience the igloo to the full, Village Igloo has its own cosy and comfortable guest rooms where you sleep on beds carved out of the ice.
From €300 for two people (half-board).
For more information: 04 50 05 51 37.

Snowshoeing into the mountains
La Rosière also has almost 27 km of hiking trails, accessible on foot or with snowshoes. About 12 km of these trails are signposted and groomed.
Want to get outside, but at a pace of your choice? You can buy a hiking pass and get unlimited access to 5 chairlifts. For example, leave from Les Eucherts and head along 3 km of easy trails to reach the Le Fort chairlift, which will take you effortlessly to 2,390 m above sea level. Once there, admire the view while enjoying a mulled wine before walking 3.4 km up the ridge to reach Roc Noir. If you have the energy, you can take the path down (6 km). If you start to feel your thighs a little, why not return with the Roches Noires chairlift: you will arrive directly at the foot of the slopes in La Rosière for a well-earned break and a tasty snack.
Thanks to the Bureau Montagne, you can also explore these trails in the safest way possible, accompanied by a guide.