Go Savoie Mont Blanc! 

Discover the new innovative transport platform

Sustainable travel to Savoie Mont Blanc

Savoie Mont Blanc has done its best to simplify travellers' lives by allowing them to book their entire trip to Savoie Mont Blanc in 1 click. Savoie Mont Blanc has launched a booking service where you can plan and book your trip all the way to the accommodation.

With this new platform, it is possible to complete all means of transport in one booking and one payment. This service is unique in Europe. Faced with the new challenges of this innovative technology, based on the "Mobility as a Service" (Maas) concept, Agency Savoie Mont Blanc is committed to the territory's green transition by proposing sustainable transport alternatives to travellers first and foremost. The route chosen will reflect the calculation of CO2 emissions for each transport mode, making the travel experience not only more efficient (in terms of optimising time and costs) and simpler, but also more environmentally friendly. Travellers will retain the choice to opt for the more sustainable option. The platform will be available in 7 different languages to serve French but also other European travellers.

As an extension of its historical DNA, innovative and visionary, the Savoie Mont Blanc Agency positions itself as a laboratory of ideas and new projects. This is therefore reflected in the new platform Go Savoie Mont Blanc, the first "door-to-door" multimodal transport reservation service.

Developed by Antidots, a company from the Savoie Mont Blanc Excellence network, this accessible form of technology is seamlessly integrated into the Savoie Mont Blanc website. This website receives almost 4 million visitors a year.

Vincent Rolland, co-president of the Savoie Mont Blanc Agency

The tourism industry has been waiting 30 years for a solution to the complicated process of booking travel. With this new system, Savoie Mont Blanc is taking a step forward by linking transport issues with future challenges such as encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint. By seeing mobility as a service, this innovative solution becomes real progress. We are proud that Agence Savoie Mont Blanc is promoting this transformation for the benefit of visitors and regions, and we hope they will pick it up in turn.

Nicolas Rubin, co-president of the Savoie Mont Blanc Agency

From the outset of the project, we have praised the new Go Savoie Mont Blanc system for its unique ability to simplify the customer experience through travel to each of the 112 Savoie Mont Blanc resorts. People are encouraged to choose eco-friendly choices such as train and shared transport. An environmentally responsible dimension that many travellers are asking for and which is in line with its approach to excellence.

Grégory Guzzo, associate director of Antidots

We started with a simple problem: how do we simplify the organisation of a trip to or from 112 destinations? Our innovation, which lets travellers book different means of transport in a single trip, is unique on a European scale. We have all primary, secondary and tertiary stations in France, and all major lines coming to France. The traveller can come and go from any destination in the world. Our technology can handle the demand. The solution aims to turn innovation into the service of better consumption and a virtuous approach. It must also meet the needs of all territories.