L'Agence Savoie Mont Blanc conducts barometer survey

Winter 2022-2023: what do surveys say about the travel behaviour of Dutch travellers this winter season ?

17-10-2022 - From 1 to 9 September, L'Agence Savoie Mont Blanc conducted a barometer survey of the French and foreign market that go on winter sports every year. This survey was done to find out the extent to which key markets are planning to go on winter sports this winter season. The markets surveyed were France, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. A total of 1,675 people were surveyed, of which 530 were from England, Belgium and the Netherlands. This barometer survey is placed alongside the Wintersport.nl survey to see what the main trends and development are in the Dutch market.

The desire to ski remains as strong for most markets

Over the past two years, tourists have been restricted in planning and booking their holidays due to the corona pandemic. Surveys have shown that the Dutch and Belgians are eager to go on winter sports. The barometer survey shows that 5 out of 10 Dutch and Belgians will be on their skis this winter. They are confident about this season; a large proportion of those surveyed have even already made a booking for the upcoming season.

There is also a lot of desire to ski in France, 3 out of 10 French people have already booked their stay in the mountains. 6 out of 10 French people are still unsure whether they want to go on winter sports. Many of these doubters are likely to go on winter sports because of the space and nature.

The British are even less enthusiastic while booking their winter sports. Only 3.5% of Britons surveyed expect to go on winter sports this winter. This low percentage is mainly due to inflation and the geopolitical situation.

Which corona measures are acceptable according to the Dutch during winter sports

That corona is at a lower ebb for many Dutch people has become clear from the survey conducted in the Netherlands. More than three quarters of Dutch people no longer worry about corona at all. 8% say they will not go on winter sports if some form of measures is present at the destination. The vast majority agree with measures such as QR codes and mouth caps. They are used to these by now and the pleasure of winter sports means that this will not pose a problem. However, there is a slight division in the choice of area or country. The Dutch do tend to choose a country with less strict corona measures in some cases this year. However, 65% of those surveyed say they choose their first choice and do not deviate from the measures.

Inflation not yet of major impact on bookings

In the Dutch market, one of the questions examined was how inflation will affect booking behaviour for the upcoming winter sports season. More than half of those surveyed are concerned about current inflation. 40% of respondents to the Dutch survey, say they do not want to cut back on winter sports in any case. A quarter of those surveyed do say that inflation will have an impact on restaurant visits during winter sports. In terms of accommodation, 20% say they might consider a cheaper option.

At Savoie Mont Blanc you book a holiday full of certainty

In recent years, a certain need has arisen for certainty when booking our holidays. To respond to this, Savoie Mont Blanc already offers the Ski M'arrange programme at 14 organisations in the French market and at Sunweb in the Dutch market. With the Ski M'arrange programme, the holidaymaker can decide how to go on holiday. You book the holiday exactly the way you want it, very early or last minute. With the Ski M'arrange programme everything is possible. On holiday from Tuesday to Friday or Wednesday to Saturday. There are always offers for all tastes and all budgets. Booking activities is also made even easier at Savoie Mont Blanc. With the Savoie Mont Blanc Explore platform, you can easily book the best activities. This way, you enjoy your holiday exactly the way you want.

Sustainability in Savoie Mont Blanc

In Savoie Mont Blanc, a sustainable and flexible solution for transporting holidaymakers has arrived since October this year. Through the booking platform 'Go Savoie Mont Blanc', winter sports enthusiasts can be brought to their door using various transport options. Here, the least polluting option is considered. This platform will launch on 10 November.

The research by the Dutch Ski Association shows that Dutch winter sports enthusiasts have virtually no consideration for climate change during their winter sports. It is therefore super good that Savoie Mont Blanc has decided to take this up on its own initiative. With the help of a specialised platform, they have developed a platform that offers winter sports enthusiasts a sustainable solution.

Dutch agree to make slight adjustments to save energy

So we found out that inflation does not directly stop the Dutch from going on winter sports. At most, they will make different choices on the spot than usual. What the survey did show is that there are certain points that are more important than others during a winter sports trip. For example, 70% of respondents said they do not find it acceptable if lifts are closed to reduce energy costs. 73% also do not find it acceptable to close slopes. Shorter opening hours are also not appreciated by 58% of those surveyed.

What many Dutch people do like is turning off the chair heating of ski lifts. This is a minimal adjustment that will not diminish their skiing pleasure. Turning down the thermostat in hotels and accommodation is a measure 82% support. With these small adjustments, energy can also be saved in ski resorts and everyone is doing their bit.

All in all, it is a positive outlook for the winter season. Tourism to French areas is increasing, we are eager to go on winter sports after two difficult years. Although the future is uncertain in terms of inflation and the various crises involved, the 2022-2023 winter season looks hopeful.

For this article, we have extracted information from Savoie Mont Blanc and Wintersport.nl surveys.

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