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Check-in PR is the first content PR agency for the ‘experience industry’. What that means? We represent destinations (tourist boards) in the Benelux and create tailor-made content PR strategies for lifestyle brands, travel organizations and start-ups. A personal, refreshing approach and our ‘expert state of mind’ is what makes us different. At Check-in PR we don’t believe in ‘sending’ but in ‘listening’. We share your story and create experiences that will impress your audience.

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We have a unique approach to our work, founded on our relations with different parties from within the field. Whether it is about B2B or B2C, we will always find the right tone of voice.

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We're the Check-in PR team: Eline, Peter, Eline & Roos. We're always searching for new experiences and opportunities to create brand awareness. ​We believe in the power of telling authentic stories and creating unique experiences for international clients.

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Captain on the ship, with lots of experience in the field. Plays tennis and drinks his coffee dark.

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Do you know how to create an experience of a simple thing like drinking coffee? Are you interested in cultures, intercultural business, online marketing, social media and storytelling? Maybe you'll find your dream job at Check-in PR. What we are looking for?

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    : Eager, flexible, persuasive, kind

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We have been working with a lot of inspiring, international clients in the past and are still working for beautiful brands today. We represent tourist boards, hotels, festival organizers, interior specialists, start-ups and lifestyle brands and assist in creating content PR strategies, launching social media campaigns and sharing their unique stories with niche audiences that perfectly fit their goals. Our goal? Creating unforgettable experiences! Experts and locals help us 'catching' personal stories and let us see the destination or brand through their eyes.

HHow do you drink your coffee?

  • It’s snowtime!

    Winter and wellness in Savoie Mont Blanc Wellness vacations are becoming more and more popular, as is the “winter sport wellness trip” and certainly in the spring. This is also noticeable in the French region of Savoie Mont Blanc, where various initiatives are set up to meet the wishes of the consumers. From a Yogi […]

  • Instagrammability is key

    Idyllic white beaches with palm trees, infinity pools by the ocean, charming food markets or hysterically decorated hotel rooms. While scrolling through my Instagram feed, especially in high holiday season, I come across the most incredible vacation photos. Did all my friends just stumble upon these amazing hidden gems while they were travelling? Probably not, […]

  • Is the ‘business trip’ still alive?

    Next week many of us travel and MICE experts will gather at the Mice Business & Travel Fair in Vinkeveen. But is the concept of business trips still alive in a world that is becoming more and more digital? Do we really need to travel to the other side of the world to be able […]

  • 91% of the Dutch dream of a sabbatical

    Ever thought about taking a sabbatical? 91% of the Dutch do, says international research of travel platform VakantiePiraten.nl. One of the most common reasons to take a sabbatical is to be able to travel for a longer periode of time than when taking an ‘ordinary’ holiday. Number one destination? Australia, followed by New Zealand and […]

  • Tips and travellers’ rules

    In the year 2018 I guess we all understand – at least the most of us – what impact travelling can have on the environment and the area we go to. A lot of  you guys therefore feel like wanting to be more meaningful and give something back. However, we all know horror stories of […]

  • Festival Vibes

    It’s July which means that many people are packing their suitcases for a holiday abroad. Grab a pen and note the ‘Black Saturdays’ in your agenda, because it’s gonna be crowdy; not only on the roads to the South, but also at Schiphol Airport. But what are we all going to do this summer? Sunbathing […]

  • La Palma – La Isla Bonita

    Last week a new destination was added to our client portfolio, the island La Palma. Also called La Isla Bonita. Different climates and landscapes all in one island. Last week I experienced it all myself. Three places on La Palma that took my breath away:

  • Event and network experience: Martinhal Brand Event 2018

    Last week the second edition of the Martinhal Family Brand Event took place in Cascais, Portugal. Speakers from all over the world inspired international guests, media and influencers about family and career/life balance related topics. But why traveling to a hotel in Portugal just for a couple of days to attend an event and to […]

  • Top 5 spring destinations

    Spring is here and that means time to travel. In the period from 20 April to 14 May, a total of 5.2 million people are expected to travel from, to and via Schiphol Airport (Travelpro). But which destinations are popular this spring? VakantiePiraten.nl (HolidayPirates), one of Europe’s fastest growing travel platforms for travel deals, did […]

  • Privacy struggles

    Stop with Facebook: ‘it’s an addictive product’ Delete Facebook request Arjan Lubach goes viral

  • From Zoutelande to Puerto Rico

    Summer is just around the corner and so are the next summer hits, popping up like mushrooms in an autumn forest. Happy rhythms and topics like sun, beach and exotic holiday destinations are the main ingredients for summer hits. What if a top 10 song makes  featured destination even a bigger hit? Are summer tunes a […]

  • The Social Conference 2018

    Some time ago I visited the Social Conference 2018 in Pakhuys de Zwijger in Amsterdam. An event by EMERCE that took place for the 9th time this year. In the opening speech the speaker referred to the question they ask themselves every year again: should we organize this event again? Has everything about social media […]

  • Easter happenings!

    The Easter weekend is around the corner! In the Netherlands we celebrate Easter on Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd of April, which means an extra day off. Long weekends are perfect to explore the area and undertake activities. Do you already have plans? Here is a list of fun things to do during the Easter […]

  • Super Bowl + destination PR?

    Every year international media-, marketing- and PR- specialists are looking forward to the Super Bowl. Not only because of the event itself, but because of the creative ads and commercials popping up around it. The crazier, the better. The more surprising, the more effective. This year Tourism Australia joined the advertising game with an out-of-the-box […]

  • The end of ‘Instagram perfect’?

    Picture perfect, that is what many of us women want to achieve and present on our Instagram feed. Travelling means only – and I say only – sunny weather, beautiful white beaches and sea which is even more colourful with a filter. Fashion means every day a perfect matching outfit and perfect model picture. Food equals […]

  • A greener travel industry an illusion?

    In the Netherlands live some travel eager inhabitants, it is something we are known for. Also in 2018 we will see a growth in the number of trips. In general we set foot in new adventures and especially travel by plane. In 2017 about 68,4 million passengers flew from Schiphol Airport. This year, it might even be […]

  • The ultimate winterexperience in Les Menuires

    Last week I spent my days in Les Menuires for a press trip. With 3 journalists (from Quote, Taste Snowboard Magazine & Snowrepublic.nl) I explored the village located in Savoie Mont Blanc, France. It was my first time to this destination so I was very excited! Read all about our experiences in this winter sports […]

  • January: fair season is on

    January is not only about new year’s resolutions and making plans for the months to come… it is also “fair month”, at least in the travel destination PR industry it is. From the Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht and ITB in Berlin to the NKBV Bergsport Dag 2018. Trade and consumer fairs are an ‘old school’ way […]

  • Here you can find us flexworking in Amsterdam

    Flex working, we love it. Getting out of the office, searching for places where you might run into new interesting contacts, where you can sip from delicious coffee to give your mind a boost and where the environment brings you instant inspiration. Where you might find us ‘flexworking’ in Amsterdam? Here you can find us […]

  • Happy New Year

    Welcome 2018. Another year went by! I can’t believe it is 2018 already. Just a week ago I was still standing on the slopes enjoying the last days of 2017. This week, back in the office again for hopefully another successful year with meeting new people, wonderful trips and lots of other exciting things.

  • Count your blessings

    The end of the year is near. 2017 is about to leave the stage and 2018 is anxious to take over the show. Time to reflect and make plans for the months to come. It is easy to tell yourself about your successes in 2017, new contracts signed and interesting contacts met or about the […]

  • A Christmas carol

    Christmas, the Holidays most of us are looking forward to when December has begun. When Sinterklaas leaves the country on the 6th of December, Christmas trees are popping up behind many windows. Already in November, the cities are enlightened with thousands of sparkly lights and the supermarkets and shops start their campaigns for the christmas […]

  • Destination: tv dream decor

    When the days are getting shorter, the tv shows become more exciting. Especially during the winter season tv producers are focussed on sending real ‘tears jerkers’ and ‘dream away’ images into the (Dutch) living rooms. TV shows ‘to stay at home for’ are not of this era anymore – we live the ‘on demand life’ […]


    #CANTSKIPPORTUGAL, IAMSTERDAM, I <3 ARUBA and now as well WE <3 MM. Say what? Say we love Emmen, you know that city in the North of the Netherlands. The #selfiehotspot is a giant success and a wonderful piece of city marketing art. The IAMSTERDAM statue at Museum Square in Amsterdam attracks millions of tourists and […]

  • Bloggers? “So 2010!”

    Peter and I went on a trip to Cascais, Portugal for a strategic meeting wit hall of our Martinhal colleagues last week. After a short and busy stay, we returned with loads of Pasteis de Nata and pockets full of new information, new inspiration and new contacts. We met with our PR colleagues from all over […]

  • Hello winter :)

    Two months ago I already wrote about ‘winter feelings’. Then we had our first autumn storm and you saw the first messages on Social Media about the upcoming winter. This were also the signs that we can start preparing for winter. Nowadays there are many Facebook posts, blogs and advertisements about winter holidays in the […]

  • The ‘pitch practice’ we preach

    November. The end of the year is coming closer, meaning plans and strategies for 2018 are being made. Autumn is the season of pitches, tender procedures and company presentations. Agencies like ours have plenty of ideas, but sometimes the complicated tender procedure simply make it impossible to give all you got to make the perfect pitch candidate…

  • 3x luxury stays in the Alentejo

    Last week I travelled to the Alentejo with a group of journalists. Together with Little Wanderbook, Authentic Chic, Enfait and Your Ambassadrice I explored the luxury side of the Alentejo. This region in Portugal is the perfect hide away for people who would like to escape from the daily activities and want to enjoy a […]

  • Portugal in the picture: combining forces

    This month, Portugal stood most definitely in the Check-in spotlights. In the beginning of this month, Peter travelled with a group of Travel Counsellors to Lisbon to discover the Alentejo region and the Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts concept. I myself travelled with a group of journalists to Lisbon and Cascais to experience Martinhal, and […]

  • Leaving for autumn leaves: seasonal travels

    Most people are following the sun while traveling abroad. Or are looking for the best snow conditions during their yearly winter sports break. Sure, summer and winter are perfect seasons to travel and to make new experiences. But how about twirling autumn leaves? Red, yellow, orange landscapes and sipping hot chocolate in the park, enjoying […]

  • Not so ordinary : late summer in the Alentejo

    The Portugese region the Alentejo – according to Lonely Planet one of Europe’s top 10 destinations in 2017 – attracks not only lovers of quietness and piece, but also people searching for remarkable accommodations. No mass tourism, but small authentic places to stay; wineries, Casas Brancas, Pousadas and venues with incredible views. The answer to […]

  • How to enjoy networking

    And there it is, that noisy space with people you don’t know, dressed to impress, talking loud, trying to sell their businesses. The well-known network event. Drinks, good food, and often at an incredible location. Why is it than, that most of us don’t like to join these events, and look up to them as […]

  • Winter feelings

    Summer is coming to an end. Days are getting shorter and the sun is slowly fading. Yesterday we had our first ‘autumn storm’ in the Netherlands. On social media you also see the first signs of winter. Messages popping up showing the first snow fall. As soon as this happens I start longing for winter.

  • Sweaty destination PR

    This summer was a summer of sports. Not for the Dutch national men soccer team though… however, the national women’s soccer team (European Champion), national women’s and men’s hockey teams (both European Champion), Dafne Schippers (World Champion 200m), Tom Dumoulin (winner Giro d’Italia) and Anja Groot (World Champion fishing) totally made up for that! Decor of […]

  • After the (tourist) flood..

    Cruiseships spitting out thousands of tourists, hotels rising up like mushrooms from the ground, companies taking over the duties of the letter and so on. Some cities really suffer from all the visits they get from (foreign) tourists. The locals are complaining about trash in the streets, noisy Airbnb ‘neighbours’ and closing shops that answer […]

  • Fun activities around the globe

    Summer holidays! What are you plans? Relaxing at the beach or are you more into an active holiday? Nowadays you see more often that a holiday is arranged around a particular theme. Think about a surf week in Morocco, diving lessons in Aruba, a yoga retreat in India or a wellness stay on the Dutch […]

  • Summer night vibes; life can be so easy

    Summer. Holiday time! Time to travel the world, discover new places, meet interesting locals or enjoy some well-deserved days off in your own hometown or backyard. My ultimate summer feeling is – after a hot sunny day – just being outside, enjoying the clear skies, a glass of wine and good company. Life can be […]

  • 5 tips for the best holiday pictures

    We’re in de middle of summer and looking forward to our holidays! Abroad or closer to home. Offcourse all the memories we make during this period have to be cought on camera. Nowadays we often travel around with our phone and we can take pictures at every moment. Here are 5 tips for the best […]

  • 5 times holiday happiness at home

    Summer time. Instagram and Facebook timelines are exploding: stunning holiday pics are popping up everywhere, and all day long. From the famous ‘swing’ in Thailand and white beaches in Aruba to a sunny terrace in France and watching a sundowner in Portugal. Everybody seems to book exotic destinations to find their ultimate holiday experience. But […]

  • Cultural differences

    Working in the travel industry brings a diversity of cultures to the work environment. From colleagues in the far far East till our friendly Belgium and Flamish neighbours. Culture, habbits and languages differ, which causes not rarely awkward and funny situations. How to overcome these cultural differences? Read on..

  • Summers & cucumbers

    Currently, the weather forecast on my phone tells me it is 36 degrees outside. 36 degrees. These temperatures remind me of festivals, about sunny holiday destinations, but also about the so called ‘cucumber season’. In the past, when summer was on, media and publishers had less news to share… However, I have to admit that […]

  • Can’t skip Alentejo

    Last week I travelled to the Alentejo in Portugal with a group of five bloggers. On Sunday I hopped on a plane to Lisbon together with Fleur (Reishonger), Stefanie (Littlespoon) and Talitha (Ensannereist). In Lisbon Myriam (Dichtbijenverweg) and Nina (Travelboulevard), two bloggers from Belgium, also joined the group. Together we travelled to some of the amazing […]

  • Media trips: mix & match

    Media trips are a very effective tool when it comes to promoting a destination or hotel. By inviting key media contacts and let them explore and experience a country, region, city or venue themselves, their stories about these brands will be personal and authentic. We strongly believe in this concept. However, only if done in […]

  • Travelling in time: Puy du Fou

    Ever heard of the themepark Puy du Fou? It is a themed park in France, near the city of Nantes. It seems that the park is the second largest themepark of France (Disney remains the big winner) and spreads its knowledge about the shows they are producing world wide. Why is it then, that most […]

  • 10 ultimate travel quotes

    We all know them; the quotes on breathtaking images on our Pinterest bords. “I haven’t been everywhere, but everywhere is on my list“, “Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul” and what about “collect moments, not things“. Cheesy quotes, or real wisdom? I would say both! But who doesn’t like cheese? 😉

  • Food, festivals & focus

    There is no way you could have missed it..… Spring is ‘on’ in the Netherlands! Bright coloured flowers are popping up at the most unexpected places and people express their sunny state of mind by ‘unique’ fashion statements. As soon as Spring hits the skies, food trucks hit the road and food festivals pop up […]

  • Food and travel; travel and eat

    Wandering around, discovering new places, talking to people you’ve never met before and staying in cute little ho(s)tels. Travelling makes the heart grow fonder. But what is travelling without discovering the local foods, drinking the wine that is produced on the fields you’ve visited and watching the cook work his passion? Eating is travelling, travelling […]

  • Dark caves and wild animals

    Sounds like a creepy adventure doesn’t it? Well that is what we found out when travelling to the domain of the Caves of Han in Belgium. A wonderful wildpark where you can discover the Big 5 of Europe, the amazing caves of Han with their spectacular wonders of nature and last but not least: an […]

  • Exploding social features

    You must have seen them, popping up on your Facebook page, Whatsapp screen and Instagram. What did start as the ‘Snapchat story’ continued with Instastories, followed by Whatsapp stories and Facebook stories. I have the feeling that I can’t keep up with all those ways of sharing my daily story with my audience. With so […]

  • A picture is worth more than a thousand words ..

    Last weekend Peter travelled to Mechelen to explore the city with a few Dutch and Belgian bloggers. As the title says, a picture is worth more than a thousand words right? Here are some inspiring pictures of our trip to Mechelen:

  • Blogger’s adventure in Les Menuires

    Last week I travelled to the French Alps with a group of four (travel) bloggers. Together with Chloë Sterk  (FashionistaChloë), Anne de Buck (YourLittleBlackbook), Lisette van Beek (Travellust) and Vincent, blogger for Reishonger.nl, I jumped on a flight to Geneva on Tuesday morning, to discover everything Les Menuires has to offer. Les Menuires through the […]

  • Vision and ambition

    Starting a business isn’t easy at all. You somehow have a vision of what you’re company has to look like and what you want to achieve. But were to start when communicating about the ‘heart’ of your business to the world around you?

  • My first work trip abroad!

    Last week I had my first trip abroad for work. This trip was about experiencing the properties of our new client Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts. The Martinhal properties are located in Portugal and offer families a luxury holiday experience. It was great to experience the ‘product’ and destination by first hand. An overview of […]

  • Social distrust

    Our trust in Social Brands as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube is decreasing.  57% of the Dutch say they have a lack in trust in the online social brands; 66% of the questionned people are worried about the resale of social details; 54% worries about the safety of their data. Only 17% of them say […]

  • Travel bucket list

    The days are getting longer and slowly we are waking up from our ‘winter sleep’ ;). We start to think about the summer and the rest of our travel plans for 2017. Around this time of the year I always think about what is still on my travel (bucket) list and if it would be […]

  • 5x why your brandstory needs major attention

    A brandstory,.. you may have heard this term a thousand times. But what is it and why do you need one? A brand story is the base of your content marketing strategy. Nowadays everything is about telling stories and creating concepts around a brand. Product placement won’t do the job anymore to reach your target […]

  • An awesome Media Experience

    Last Friday we organized a media experience ‘hiking and biking’ for our partners Innsbruck Tourismus and Turismo do Alentejo. Bloggers and journalists gathered to get familiar with possibilities for hiking and biking at these destinations and to taste of delicious bites made by the WT Urban Kitchen. It was a great inspiring evening, an impression….

  • The Millennials

    Last week I was reminded of generation Y or also called the millennials. Born between 1980 and 2000, which means I am one of them. We grew up with technology and are used to the rapid changes in this field. Nowadays we can’t think of a world without any of these technologies.

  • Back on the skies in Savoie Mont Blanc

    Traveling for work, it always sounds terrific, and I must say… most of the time it is! Knowing a destination, service or product by experience makes it easier to find the ‘essence’ of it and to forward the story to others. What is better then hearing a story of someone who experienced it him or […]

  • Wie is de Mol

    Saturday night, “Wie is de Mol”-night. A lot of Dutch people watch this popular tv-show where famous actors, writers, singers and other well-known faces battle to discover their “Mole”. One of the participants is fooling the group without them knowing it… Sensation and exciting games guaranteed but above all: the perfect promotion for the destination […]

  • My start in Travel PR

    The first week of my PR experience started immediately with an important event in Travel, the Vakantiebeurs. Since it was new to me to see it from a PR perspective I got a lot of new insights about the upcoming holiday season.

  • 365 days of new adventures: trends 2017

    We started the year fresh at the Vakantiebeurs 2017 in the Jaarbeurs of Utrecht. As we like to travel, we also like to discover the new trends in the travel industry as well as the influences of new technologies. What will the year 2017 bring us when it becomes to discover the world around us?

  • Looking back: 2016

    Wauw, time did pass by so fast! The end of 2016 is near and a new year is ahead of us. I’m always getting a bit melancholic when a new year number shows up on the calendar. Sometimes I’m just not ready to say goodbye yet, thinking about the things I still wanted to fit […]

  • Creative with language: the worst marketing slogans

    Many people, and especially organizations try to be creative with language to make their messages stick to the memories of their readers. A creative oneliner can be memorised really well, add an extra layer to your brand name, and trigger an emotion. Think of Coca Cola’s ‘open happiness’, KFC’s ‘it’s finger lickin’ good’ and Olympus’ […]

  • It’s the season… Christmas winners and losers

    In the Netherlands we have various traditional holidays we like to celebrate. With friends, loved ones or the whole nation. Take for example King’s Day, April 27th. Or Sinterklaas. At these special times of year brands are busy creating the most original ‘inhakers’ (newsjacking). King of all seasons is definitely Christmas. As soon as the Coca Cola truck is […]

  • Take the lead

    It’s almost holiday season. This means lots of parties, dinners, and other activities to celebrate the successes of this year and to look forward to the year 2017. Some of you might already get nervous of all the things they should arrange; hosting the Christmas party of the office, a family dinner and so on… […]

  • Keep it personal

    Your physical therapist, dentist, hair dresser and that friendly waiter in your favourite restaurant… What do they have in common? Well… that is you! By keeping it personal, working from a ‘service state of mind’ and getting to know you a little bit more every time you visit them, you keep coming back. Sounds like […]

  • Changing the brand

    Re-branding, it’s something we all do now and then. As ourselves, but also as a company. You’re constantly developing; your skills, your vision, but also your taste in style. Which appearance suits your message best? What do you want to say to the world? 5 questions you should ask yourself before start building your new […]

  • The Netherlands vs. Belgium

    We are neighbours, speak the same language, coproduce TV shows and laugh about each others jokes about each other. Most of the times we get along very well with our Belgian friends. Our countries are small and we both know how important it is to defend our role within the European Union and the world. […]

  • Trapped in an online world

    Offline is the new luxury I heard, and I have to agree with that. I sometimes can miss all those distracting pop-ups which appear on all of my screens (phone, tablet, PC) like toothache (a Dutch expression)! But is it still possible to live a life ‘offline’? Last week I was at the MICE Business […]

  • Sharing is caring

    ‘Sharing is caring’, a term that pops up everywhere, but makes me giggle at the same time. I shared my opinion about this in a previous blog, I am not a huge fan of popular terms and trendy words. Just saying what you mean by using simple and understandable explanations is more my ‘cup of tea’. Nevertheless, the essence of […]

  • Bucketlist versus Experience

    Who hasn’t made a bucket list once? Making a bucket list was an annual activity, most of the time around my birthday, on which I did set the marks for the upcoming year. What do I want to do? Where do I want to go, and who do I want me to join? As I […]

  • In the WINTER mood

    The leaves are falling down, days are getting shorter… Almost winter! Okay, it will take a couple of months before Jack Frost will visit us again, but we at Check-in are already in the mood: powder slopes, dog sledding, snow shoeing and drinking hot chocolate at the fire place. Yes, we have to admit that […]

  • The power of Storytelling

    Storytelling, something we do every single day. In our personal lives, but also at work. You want to share your thoughts with your friends, want to convince your clients to make use of your products and services and you want to communicate in such a way that people will like you. You’re building your (personal) […]

  • Meet the locals

    A trend that pops up on various travel blogs and websites the last couple of years is the one where ‘locals’ play an important role. ‘Do as the locals do’ seems to be the way we like to explore new cities and destinations ‘anno 2016’. And I have to say, I am a fan. And […]

  • Citytrip season declared ‘open’ – 5 tips

    It is September.. The end of the summer holidays (appearantly not of the summer weather!). Schools did start again and the pile of files on your desk won’t dissappear by itself. Real life is calling again! But hang on, the citytrip season is declared ‘open’ now.. September and October are the perfect months to discover […]

  • The Sociolympic Games

    On the 5th of August 2016 the time was finally there: the kick off of the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. Although the sporters have lived up to the moment already for 4 years, the grey masse has just woken up from a deep sleep. We Dutchies missed the World Championship football, so […]

  • Camp, Camping, Camper

    That we Dutchies love to camp may be crystal clear. The traffic gems towards the South are a well known phenomenon during the summer holidays. Children playing games at the backseats of the cars, extensive picknicks near the rest stations and a whole lot of ‘yellow’ number plates attached to enormous caravans. I had such […]

  • Please like my holiday pictures

    Last week I read an article in the newspaper Metro about the youth and their ideas about traveling. I must say I was shocked. Not about the fact that younger people think creating experiences while traveling is more important than having an own car or house, but because of the fact that they attach equal […]

  • I try to make me go to (phone) rehab

    But I said no, no, no…. I’m pretending that I have no addictions. I can drink beers or wines, but I’m no alcoholic, I don’t smoke, I can live without snacks like chocolate, I don’t freak out when I miss an episode of my favourite serie on TV (#Netflix) and so on.. But somewhere I […]

  • 5 essentials for a roadtrip

    ‘Hit the road Jack, and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. Hit the road Jack, and don’t you come back no more.’ This song always gets stuck in my head when I jump into my green little monster (I call him ‘cookie’) on my way to my next adventure. […]

  • The Art of Personal Branding

    As a PR-consultancy we are also advising in how to brand your company via social media and other communication tools. It is so important to have a consistent appearal to build a strong, well-known and reliable brand. But, what many people do not realize, is that having a likely personal brand is at least so […]

  • Summer in Amsterdam

    Hordes of tourists are dropped out of busses at the Heineken Experience, Museum Square and near the Bijenkorf. From my chill spot in the park I watch people struggle with their maps and backpacks. Although I would like to believe I don’t look like a stereotype tourist while being somewhere else, this could be me […]

  • Expert state of mind

    Every professional has its own expertise, his or her own personal network and vision of where to go and what to achieve. On the contrary ‘full service agencies’ keep on showing us that all of these expertise can be easily combined and concentrated in one big office. Social media? PR? Marketing campaigns? Creative design? Digital […]

  • Year #1, it’s a wrap

    April 4th 2016. One year has passed, a lot has happened. Check-in PR celebrates its first anniversary and looks back at 12 exciting months. We were part of various challenging projects, welcomed new clients and organized successful events: from four winter sports destinations (Zillertal Arena, Les Menuires, Savoie Mont Blanc, Val d’Anniviers) and city trip […]

  • Winter sports specialists

    Last year was a busy one at Check-in PR. We started, created, pitched, and planned. A lot of nice opportunities crossed our paths: from creating experiences for an urban retreat in Rome and Barcelona to the launch of the first foldable kick-assist E-ped in the Netherlands.

  • It’s all about experience

    2016 is on! And like every other year, we already spotted new names in the industry, grabbed new chances that came along the way and learned about some interesting new trends. These new features give direction in creating new marketing and PR strategies. Trends trigger audiences to explore ‘off the beaten track’ and try something […]


    A brand new inspiring winter travel magazine has been launched in December 2016: WINTER. A magazine introduced by Dutch PR agency Check-in PR in collaboration with dORIZON Media. WINTER magazine is a lifestyle glossy about worldwide destinations, adventures and memorable experiences in a landscape of snow and ice. The magazine is available online (meridiantravel.nl/tijdschrift/nieuw-winter-magazine) and […]

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